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Nothing is as great as shopping for high quality sunglasses as there is dignity in buying original sunglasses. This category of our eyewear contains amazing brands of eyeglasses. The category is specially designed for new arrival products from which you can easily select new trending sunglasses. All the eyeglasses in this category are beautiful, fashionable, adorable, durable and unique. From this category, you can select diverse forms of sunglasses that would match any of your outfit. Eyeglasses in this new arrival category would match both your casual and formal outfit. If you’re looking to dazzle your appearance with modern style and newly released sunglasses, our new arrival category is the perfect fit for you.

Why choose your eyeglasses from his category? 

Our new arrival category contains series of top quality eyeglasses which was handpicked to leave our customers with the choice of selecting from varieties of brands. In this category, you have the option of selecting your choice of sunglasses from about 10 different brands. All the sunglasses in this category have the following features: 

Modern Design 

All the sunglasses in our new arrivals category features modern style of design. This unique style makes them look beautiful and stunning. If you’re just buying a new sunglass or looking to replace your old sunglass with a new one, this category is the best for you to select from. 

High Quality

This category contains original brands of sunglasses. All the sunglasses in this category are of high quality as they directly come from the brand’s factory. If you’re not looking to shop for high quality sunglasses then this category is not for you.


Every sunglasses in this category are durable. They are produced from top quality materials which makes them have longer life span. Durability is a big factor to consider when shopping for eyeglasses. 

Brands Available in this category 

Arnette: Arnette is a popular brand of sunglasses known for top notch and quality products for men and women. We have different types of Arnette sunglasses that can suit your purpose of purchase. We have new Arnette sunglasses of different shapes, colors and lens. 

Burberry: Burberry have series of new-season sunglasses with an enhanced and authentic lenses. Dazzle your outlook with a designer Burberry glasses today. We have latest selection of Burberry eyeglasses for men and women. We have diverse styles, shapes and colors. Authentic Burberry would make you look cool. 

Bvlgari: Bvlgari collection of eyeglasses reflects women’s innate beauty and dazzles women appearance. Bvlgari eyeglasses varies in style, color, frame type and lens. In this category, we have diverse forms of top quality and beautiful Bvlgari eyeglasses that would blend with your style of dress. 

Emporio Armani: Emporio Armani features the finest collection of Italian sunglasses for men and women. We have latest brands of original Emporio Armani sunglasses of contemporary designs. If you’re a fan of Emporio Armani brand, check this category for series of cute Emporio Armani eyeglasses available. 

Giorgio Armani: This is another top brand of eyeglasses. Giorgio Armani is known for amazing styles of eyeglasses which reflects elegance and exclusivity. Giorgio Armani produces several forms of eyeglasses to match any of your style. In our new arrivals category, we have modern style of Giorgio Armani sunglasses that would fit your style. 

Michael Kors: Talking about latest designer eyeglasses, Michael Kors eyeglasses is a brand to reckon with. We have several varieties of authentic Michael Kors sunglasses perfect to complement your outlook. Shop for any of our Michael Kors eyeglasses today. 

Versace: Versace is a top brand of eyeglasses with collections of elegantly designed line of distinctive products. Versace sunglasses would protect your eyes against the rays from sun. Versace eyeglasses are available for men and women. In this category, we have classic and fashionable eyeglasses to perfectly match your style. 

Prada: Prada sunglasses are known for durability and unique designs. Prada’s sunglasses collection features diverse styles and colors of eyewear that is perfect to protect your eyes against strain and rays from sunlight. We have different forms of Prada designer sunglasses to dazzle your appearance.  

Ray-Ban: This is one of the biggest brand of unisex sunglasses. Ray-Ban features diverse form of magnificent and elegant sunglasses. If you’re looking to shop for latest styles of Ray-Ban sunglasses, our new arrivals collection is the perfect fit for you. 

Check our new arrivals category for amazing sunglasses offers today on Quivedo Shop online! Best prices and free shipping.  

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